(Rebranding) My Mind Diary is now Dream Infinity!

Today I am rebranding “My Mind Diary”. This was something that I thought about a lot and this is needed to resonate with the future of this blog.

My Mind Diary was started because I wanted to share my thoughts and views with the world. However, after I started writing the articles, I realised there was more to it than I anticipated.

I wanted to change the name and remove MY from it but unfortunately getting desired domains is tough!

So, I decided to use the name that I coined years back for my production studio, “Dream Infinity”.

Even though I never used this name anywhere, it always meant a lot to me. This name has given me the power to face difficult situations and has always reminded me to dream big!

I hope you like this rebranding and the content that will follow.

Dream big. Dream Infinity!


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