3 Reasons Why Personal Development Should Be Your Top Priority


Everything that exists is bound to change at some point in time. Change is how the universe came to be and how it continues to exist and host our planet and species.

We usually resist change. However, change is good and the sooner we embrace it, the better our life becomes.

The best investment that we can do is in ourselves. Everything else is complimentary.

We keep pushing activities that will help us develop further by making excuses like “I am too busy working”, but what we fail to understand is that if we put in the time and efforts to improve our skills, we will get a better job or even someday start our own company.

I cannot emphasize enough why personal development is important but here are the three primary reasons why you should invest your time and efforts to develop yourself and make it your top priority.

Being better is good

Who doesn’t want to be better?

Improving your health, adding new skills, learning new languages are all ways of becoming a better version of you. Just like your computer needs updates, even you do.

Its a way of keeping yourself relevant. The more you learn, the better you get. When you involve yourself in activities that make you better, you show yourself that you care about you!

Personal development is something that you indulge in throughout your lifetime.

Elevate your relationships

By becoming a better version of yourself, you make people around you even more interested in you. Your friends and family will always appreciate a better version of you. They might be secretly wishing that you improve yourself!

Once you start improving yourself, you encourage your friends and family to invest some time in developing themselves.

This elevates the quality of your relationships and makes them even stronger.

Get closer to your goals

Learning skills that take you one step closer to your goal is always a good thing.

Also, personal development boosts your confidence and confidence is the key to success that makes your interaction with others even better and allows you to build a strong network of people.

People who have known you for a long time will see how you have improved over time and will always look up to you for advice, that is a sign of a great leader!

Let me know in the comments your reasons why you think personal development should be the top priority.

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