3 Types Of Colleagues We Need To Stay Away From


How we feel at work is primarily defined by the colleagues we have.

Over the span of my relatively small career, I have worked with hundreds of colleagues. Some were the best people to work with and brought out the best in me, while there were others who, well, were not the best! 😉

I have this habit of studying people, and I profile them based on their behaviors, their actions. To be honest, its something we all need to do. Profiling the people around us to get insights into their psychology and understand, NOT JUDGE, their decisions.

See, we all spend roughly 40 hours at work, and it has indeed become an essential part of our lives. This makes it crucial to understand the intricacies of the workplace and our colleagues to feel more comfortable and do the most productive work we can.

However, people are complicated and some are just difficult to get along with! Here are the 3 types of colleagues that I think we need to stay away from.

The Foxy Politician

Dirty Politics! Every office is plagued by this, and yet there seems it seems to be challenging to deal with.

The Politicians are the worst kind of colleagues to have. They have agendas, and they like to play mind games, sometimes for their benefit and sometimes just for fun.

The Politicians are difficult to spot, but if you have even been promised something by a colleague and you were delivered something completely different that landed you in a problem, well, you, my friend were a victim of the Politician.

Just like real-world politicians, these type of colleagues mostly lack empathy toward others and have a way of getting their things done, even if it means putting someone else at risk.

The Politicians also like to stay clear of any involvements in the mess ups and will usually do everything in their power to be safe!

The Sneaky Gossiper

We all have encountered the Gossipers. They like to talk, a lot!

The Gossipers love to talk about everything and everyone. No one is spared from becoming a part of their conversations. One moment they will talk to you about someone else, and the next moment you will be the subject of discussion!

The Gossipers have trusted sources, I am kidding, they gather information from everywhere and everyone. They are expert at extracting information and are really persistent at it.

They know their way around every conversation, and they will make you reveal information about others without you knowing that you have fueled another gossip!

The Gossipers loves to stay in groups and are usually not loyal to anyone. They don’t have a personal tiff, or they don’t hold grudges unless you did something awful like gossiping about them!

The Shrewd Judgers

The name suggests their behavior, they judge.

They will judge you on every action you perform, how you look, what things you own, how you talk and you get the point, they don’t spare anything.

The Judgers can also be a Politician or a Gossiper or sometimes both.

Most commonly they will pass their judgment or shove it down your throat if needed. They feel like they know you just because they judged you.

They are also the ones who need your judgment of them and will try to get it from you in different ways. If they don’t get it from you, they will judge your judgment of them by your behavior towards them!

Maintaining Harmony

While these types of colleagues are better to stay away from, they also make the majority of the workforce. Learning to work in harmony with all kinds of colleagues ensures that you can do the most important thing that you are hired for, WORK!


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