6 Skills You Need To Become An Effective Leader



We have heard that a leader is born with the skills needed to be successful, but I strongly disagree. Sure, some people have the natural qualities it takes to be an effective leader but a person is not born with them, they are developed over a period of time due to many contributing factors in their lives.

It does not mean that if you don’t already have those qualities and skills, you cannot become an effective leader. Anyone with the will to become an effective leader can learn the skills needed to become one! Yes, anyone!

So, whether you are a beginner and just starting your career or you have years of experience working in a business environment, these SIX skills that I am going to share will help you become a highly effective leader not just in business but in life.

1. You Should Have A Clear Vision

You Should Have A Clear Vision

What separates an effective leader from others is their ability to remove the vagueness from their goals and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. Most people fail in this regard, and I am sure you can relate and have interacted with at least one person whose vision was so vague that even they didn’t know what they wanted. Having the ability to break down your ambitions into clear goals and have an idea that can be understood by anyone working with you will help you achieve them faster.

2. You Need To Be Vocal

You Need To Be Vocal

Most people make the mistake of being reserved to themselves when leading a team or a company. To be an effective leader, you need to be vocal. An effective leader knows how to clearly convey their expectations, thoughts, and goals in words. Having said that, it does not mean that you go and yell at your team because you weren’t able to lead them to success. No, that’s not a quality you should be proud about! Getting back to the topic, people think that just writing an email appreciating the team of their excellent work will be enough, but being vocal allows you to evoke that sense of belonging in your colleagues. An effective leader will choose to convey their message vocally over an email any day.

3. You Need To Be A Good Communicator

You Need To Be A Good Communicator

Communication is by far the most important skill you should possess to become an effective leader. Whether you are communicating with your client or your colleagues, having great communication skills will help you to lead your way to become an effective leader. A great communicator knows that listening is equally, if not more, important than speaking. When you listen, and I mean actually listen, and understand what the other person is saying, you create a relationship with that person which goes way beyond than you could ever have imagined.

4. You Need To Be Able To Work In Synergy

You Need To Be Able To Work In Synergy

Being a Team player is a distinct skill that an effective leader should possess. Being able to work in harmony with others enhances your leadership skills and makes you a more suitable candidate for a leadership position. Great leaders need to be a team player as they have to align their team with their vision to successfully execute and eventually achieve the goals they want to. If you find it difficult to work with others and it’s ok to feel that way, but a capable leader figures out a way to work in synergy with others not because it is their personal preference but because it is essential for them to achieve their goals.

5. You Need To Work With Integrity

You Need To Work With Integrity

An effective leader needs to be a person with principles. If you aspire to become an effective leader, it is essential that you work with integrity. Operating with integrity not just applies to your business but also to your professional relationships with your client and your colleagues. An effective leader always strives to work in the limitations of certain principles and ensures that they are honest to their clients and their colleagues. You need to stand up for an honest employee and at the same time have the courage to confront anyone who is violating their principles.

6. You Need To Have An Charismatic Personality

You Need To Have An Charismatic Personality

An effective leader always works on their personality, and when they enter a room, people know who is leading the situation. That’s the power of having charisma! The only way to develop a charismatic personality is to continuously work on yourself. Every aspect of your character from how you look, what you wear, how you communicate and behave in different situations contributes to charisma. An effective leader will work each day to develop their personality and have habits and rituals that help them to improve themselves.

These were the SIX skills that I think you need to become an effective leader. In the world filled with businesses striving to make it big, being an effective leader takes courage and the sooner you learn it, the better your chances are to become one. Let me know if you think there are any other skills a person needs to become an effective leader in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading the article, you guys are the reason I am writing more than ever. 🙂

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