A Visit To My Mind Palace


I’m a huge fan of the Sherlock TV series. One of the concepts the series explored was the Mind Palace that Sherlock visits, and it is a place where he stores all of his memories which eventually helps him to solve the cases.

This is not a myth but a reality. Mind Palace is a technique a lot of people use to remember things.

It’s like creating a mental image of a physical place like a room, a house or just a closet and associating memories or things you want to remember with different objects.

But not all of us use this technique and a lot of us are not even familiar that it even exists!

Then why am I talking about it today?

The thing is that we all have our own mind palaces. The difference is that our mind palaces are not consciously created to remember things.

Mind Palace for most of us is a place where we have our best and worst memories.

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Do you remember your last visit to your mind palace?

Most of us don’t know that we subconsciously have a place where we store all our memories and even then we all have been there a lot of time.

So, answer me this, when was the last time you had your bad memories trouble you or your best memories make you happy? Probably, very recently!

We don’t realize, but every one of us has been to our mind palace.

This is also one of the primary reason that whenever we have a trip down the memory lane, we get stuck in a chain reaction of our thoughts whether good or bad.

If we have a terrible memory, and whenever we remember it, the chances are that we will also remember other similar memories and this applies to the good ones as well.

The only reason that we get stuck in a disorganized random pattern of memories is that we have never learned to use our mind palace.

We see it as a disability, but in reality, it is our best superpower!

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How to unlock the potential of our Mind Palace?

The next step after realizing that we do have a Mind Palace, the next natural question is how do we use it to make it work for us?

Like other skills, even this takes a lot of practice.

The good news is that we already know how to use it, we just need to use it consciously.

Let me give you an example. How many times have you found yourself failing to remember something only to remember it at some other time?

I know I had this experience most of the time. Whenever I tried to remember a word or name of a place or anything else for that matter, I failed to do so. But I remembered it when I was least expecting it.

This happens because we have always used our mind palace subconsciously.

Be conscious of your Mind Palace

When we start being aware of our mind palace, we begin to realize the benefits we can reap from it.

It’s like you have a superpower and all your life you have been impulsive about it and only using it subconsciously without any control.

The sooner we learn to be conscious of the presence of our mind palace, the sooner we will learn to have control and access it whenever we need to.

Associate memories with objects

This is the best way to access our mind palace.

When we associate our memories and the things we want to remember with objects, we will be able to recall it faster.

The first step is to visualize our mind palace. Sure, it has been there all the time, but we never know how it looked like.

It’s like a place behind a closed door. Once we realize that the door exists, we need to visualize the mind palace as well and start filling it with objects that we can emotionally and mentally associate our memories with.

It’s like having a file cabinet with an individual file for every memory!

Practice everyday

Needless to say, like everything else in life, practice makes us better.

The more we practice to access our mind palace, the more control we have on it. Initially, this would be awkward, but it’s like meditation, you will start to enjoy it once you get the hang of it.

Start with simple things and small memories. As you get good with it, start with multiple things and more complex memories.

Soon you will be a master of your mind palace, and no memory will be out of reach for you!


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