Dream. Plan. Achieve.

The first step always starts with a dream. Your whole life, success, failures are defined by your dreams.

You are only limited by the limits of your dreams. Everything is possible with consistent efforts. There will be failures but only the biggest failures in the world have the courage to become the biggest success.

Dream big. Dream Infinity!


This blog was first started as “My Mind Diary” but there was something missing and it was more like a personal journal.

After thinking about it, I decided to rebrand the blog in the early stage and then came the most difficult part, what should I name it.

A few years back, I was obsessed with a name that I came up with for my production studio, “Dream Infinity”. Even though I never used this name, I was still obsessed with the meaning behind it.

After a long search for a name, I just came through a logo I sketched for “Dream Infinity” and I realized that it was time to get this name out in the world.

Dream Infinity means a lot to me. It kept me motivated for years to keep going and keep working towards my dreams!