The Journey Of Personal Transformation Starts With ‘Acceptance’


The journey of self-discovery and personal transformation almost always starts with Acceptance. To change anything in life, you need to accept it. For instance, if you want to break any existing habit, you first need to recognize that either the habit is not good for you or it is not yielding the desired results.

So, whenever you decide to start your journey to personal transformation, you will either intentionally or unintentionally start with acceptance.

Acceptance is the most challenging step

Acceptance sounds easy in theory but is one of the most challenging exercises of all. The difficulty that the concept of acceptance entails is the reason why the majority of people are still struggling in their unorganized subconscious lives!

I, too have struggled enough with accepting things as they are. My struggles have taught me a lot, and even to this day whenever I evaluate myself, I try to be as unbiased as I can and accept my shortcomings and failures with an open mind. However, it was not easy to reach this stage in my life.

I struggled with a lot of self-criticism for a very long time. Deep within I knew that I had problems that were holding me back to achieve everything that I wanted. However, I was too preoccupied with my thoughts and my past to accept my shortcomings and self-destructive behavior.

I am sure that most of you can relate to this situation. We know that we have issues that we need to deal with, we know that some of our habits are holding us back and we know that we have a self-destructive tendency. However, we cannot let these facts sink in and accept them completely.

What do we do instead? We make excuses. We fabricate explanations that we want to believe. These explanations would become the foundation of our reasoning and justification for our behaviors.

Not accepting our problems and creating a make-believe reality to justify them can be very dangerous and will eventually become the root of all of our problems.

We go deep into depression, and whenever we realize that we have surrounded ourselves with fabricated reasoning and justifications, we panic. We are embarrassed to accept the issues and our shortcomings in our not so perfect life.

Don’t wait for the BAD to get WORSE

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.

The more we resist accepting our problems, the broader issues and scars we create. But its easier said than done. Our self-destructive tendencies make it difficult for us to admit that we have a problem and is the primary reason why we cannot act.

When we do start accepting our problems, it is too late. We have this tendency to make the bad, worse! And until we do that, we find it difficult to accept the real facts of our miserable lives.

The feeling of overwhelm is another reason why we find accepting our problems difficult. We think that once we agree that we have a problem, we would need to put in a lot of efforts to change our lives. We overwhelm ourselves with the effort required to solve our problems, and in turn, we reject the idea of accepting that we have a problem.

Another reason we ignore our problems is due to the fear of being judged. We care too much about what other people might think about us if we accepted that we had a problem and this fear keeps us from recognizing and eventually solving our issues.

All of these things keep us from we need to doing and lets us make our situation worse with every passing day.

Acceptance is the first step to success

It’s not like that the moment you accept you have an issue that you will solve them. Acceptance is only one of the many steps to transforming your life and achieving success.

You will still feel overwhelmed, and you will always have a fear of being judged, but the difference would be that you would know that you have a problem and you will take the necessary steps required to solve those problems.

When you accept your life for as it, you stop staying in denial and start making the changes needed to change your life. You stop making the situation worse than what it was and begin to make it better instead.

The reason why so many people have transformed their lives and went from rags to riches is that they accepted they had a problem and took the necessary actions to solve and overcome those problems.

Final Thoughts

If you think that your life cannot be changed, think again. What we believe is what we get. Even though you might have considerable problems in your life at this moment, you will always have a chance to get better. You deserve it. You just need to start by accepting that you need to change and change will begin to follow with consistent efforts. It is not going to happen overnight, its a long process but once started, it will get easier to maintain and change as and when required. The more you practice, the better you get at it. There will come a time in your life when you would be able to handle any problem in your life effortlessly. It will come with consistent practice.

You are capable of achieving anything you want. You just need to set your mind and take deliberate actions towards your goal. So, what will you accept today?

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