Are You Admired Or Feared?


History is flooded with stories about rulers and emperors who contributed to the progress of our species. However, some were loved by their people and some were feared and despised.

Times have changed, and we don’t have emperors, but instead, we have people who are leading a particular group or company or even a country. Even now, some are loved, and some are feared.

The reason for this love or fear can be understood by studying one specific trait of these people in leadership roles.

There are two types of people that lead, one that believes that Fear is the way to get things done by others and the other believes that to get something done, you have to lead by example.

Fear is necessary but not for getting things done but to survive. However, some people consider it as a tool and misused it to get others to do things against their will. And there are also people who use fear to get others to do things that they consider right despite it being the worst decision ever.

This is what separates Leaders from Bosses. The quote sums it all beautifully and is a great way to identify​ if you don’t already know, that whether the person you report to is a Leader or a Boss.

Some might argue that a Boss who uses fear can get better things done and usually they mention Steve Jobs as an example. But Steve Jobs didn’t use fear to get things done, he used vision as a way to lead people. Sure, when you know what you want, not everyone will align with your vision and people might fear that intense focus towards your vision. This is a fear that is generated as a result of misalignment of the vision set out by the company and is completely different from the fear that is deliberately created by other people in the Leadership role.

One more way to distinguish between a Leader and a Boss is by observing if they micro-manage. This trait is almost always visible in people who use fear to get things done.

Let me know in the comments below other ways to distinguish between a leader and a boss.

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