Are You Impatient? Check out The Situations That Will Drive An Impatient Person Crazy


Are you an impatient person? Chances are you might be if you get frustrated seeing people spend minutes on things that might take you a few seconds.

Impatient people value efficiency and are easily frustrated when they are in situations that take a considerable chunk of time off their schedule. If you feel that way, chances are that you are an impatient person.

But if you don’t relate with what I just mentioned, I will break down some of the situations that might drive an impatient person crazy. I’m sure most of you could relate to at least a few of these.

Here we go!

You are probably an impatient person if;

  • You can’t stand waiting in lines. Be it a line at the coffee shop or at the bank, waiting in lines drives you crazy.
  • You don’t understand why the waiting lines are so long in the first place, and the pace at which the line moves irritates you even more.
  • You don’t understand people who don’t use online facilities to get routine information or work done. They would instead visit the institution to further increase the length of the waiting lines.
  • You cannot tolerate people who are unsure of what they want and spend minutes trying to make up their mind and decide. You feel like people should decide what they want beforehand.
  • You don’t like people paying with checks. You believe it takes forever, and why do we have cards and digital payments systems anyways?
  • You don’t want slow service and cannot understand why anyone should tolerate lousy service when they are the one paying money for the service.
  • You frown upon the people who takes forever to finish their meals.
  • You like restaurants that prepare and serve the orders in an eye blink.
  • You prefer ordering from the restaurants that can deliver the order to your doorsteps in under 30 minutes or less.
  • You don’t like groups that call an Uber, only to cancel it when it was about to arrive, just because they can’t decide where to hang out. You even blame these people when you cannot get an Uber.
  • You hate customer service hotlines that need you to press hundreds of buttons before presenting the option that you need.
  • You hate how long it takes to get a customer service executive online. And you go mad when you have to wait after getting an executive online.
  • You try to be the first person to arrive at the Doctors clinic to avoid waiting and hate it when you have to wait anyways because the doctor is late.
  • You hate meetings and people who ask lame questions or share useless facts just to make their presence felt.
  • You don’t like people who deliberately takes longer to understand even the basic things.
  • You don’t want ready to eat meals that take more than 15 minutes to prepare.
  • You hate ready to eat meals that take longer to prepare than mentioned on the box.
  • You hate buffering circles, officially known as Throbber when loading a webpage or operating a computer or a phone.
  • You can’t stand system and app updates that take forever to complete.
  • The updates that make your device restart multiple times drives you crazy.
  • You hate it when the payment portal takes longer to validate a successful payment.
  • You hate tangling cables and go mad when your earphone cables tangle, and you can’t figure out how to untangle it.
  • You don’t like clothing that takes forever to put on or multiple layers of cloths. You would prefer a t-shirt and denim instead.
  • You are an Amazon Prime member just to get faster delivery.
  • You hate the ads that interrupt the videos on YouTube and Facebook.

So, could you relate to any of the situations mentioned above? If yes, please share it in the comments below. If you have any additional situations that I missed, let me know, I will add it to the list. 🙂

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