The Dark Side Of Self Discovery


The greatest moment in anyone’s life has to be the moment when they realize their life’s purpose. For some that moment might present itself at a very early stage of their life, for others, it might take years. But, the moment arrives, and when it does, it changes you and your perspective.

The moment doesn’t arrive out of the blue, it requires specific build up. It requires a degree of preparation. Most people prepare themselves for the moment subconsciously, without realizing that their choices and action are leading them to their most beautiful moment in life. It might take months or even years.

Others might not have the patience to wait. They want their moment to arrive as soon as possible, and they are willing to take deliberate actions to ensure it happens. This kind of people usually find their life’s purpose on their terms and don’t wait for it to arrive – they make it happen!

It all starts with Self Discovery

Whether you are subconsciously or deliberately leading yourself towards the moment when you find your life’s purpose, it all begins with self-discovery.

Without knowing who you are and what you are capable of, finding your life’s purpose can be a very difficult or even an impossible task.

When you turn your attention inwards and explore every aspect of yourself, you know what makes you, YOU! Only then it will be possible for you to understand what you are meant for, only then you can find your real purpose in life.

Self Discovery has a Dark Side

However, self-discovery is not positive every time. Most people who have discovered their true self can relate to this.

On your journey to discover yourself, you also find out what makes you sad, depressed and angry. It is like going through an unknown mansion and not knowing what hides behind every door you open.

The human mind is complex, and most people have dark memories and secrets that they have either forgotten or suppressed it deep within, so it doesn’t bother them. However, when they start their process of finding themselves, they also find the things that could ruin their lives.

There is a reason why most people suffer from depression. Sometimes the dark side is so hurtful that they cannot forget it and other times they discover something their mind hid deep inside in self-defensive behavior.

The Dark Side is Just a Roadblock

The good news is that the dark side is just a roadblock. However, many people don’t realize that it is temporary and are stuck dealing with it for years.

With your efforts, counseling, and support from family and friends, getting over this becomes easy. You don’t have to deal with it for years!

One exercise that works almost every time is writing down that memory or secret on a piece of paper and burning the paper. If it doesn’t work the first time, its ok, do it as many times as required, and soon you will find that you can detach your emotions and yourself from that memory.

Sure, you will still remember it, but it won’t bother you the same as it did now.

Once you are ultimately at peace with your dark side, you can then continue your journey to find your true self. After that victory, the journey becomes even more beautiful, and you will find the true you that was hidden deep down and was overshadowed by the darkness within.

Final Thoughts

Life is beautiful, and when you find your real purpose, it becomes even more amazing. Sure, the journey might have few roadblocks but always remember that nothing has the power to stop you if you believe in yourself and commit to overcoming anything that comes your way.


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