Dealing With Extreme Emotions


Everything is going well, and you know that you are on the right track to achieve your goals and suddenly you feel the extremities of human emotions.

You feel like everything you ever worked towards, everything you built is going down to ashes, or even though you have no concrete base, you are in a messed up situation, you feel like you are doing well and are on the right track, you can achieve everything you want.

Well, these are the extremities most people find themselves swinging between. Either they feel entirely hopeless or completely hopeful.

While this might sound normal, it is not!

See, people swinging between these extremities are prone to making irrational decisions that can make or break their lives. When in these emotional states, you might make really irrational and bad decisions that you would regret when you get back to normal.

Some people have been so used to this extreme emotions that they have a way to justify them and consider it a standard extension of their personality when it is just mood swings that they fail to identify.

Being extraordinarily hopeful and completely hopeless

While feeling hopeful and hopeless are just normal emotions that we go through depending on the situations we face, feeling of extreme hopefulness and hopelessness are not normal.

The normal feelings are like ripples, but the extreme emotions are like tsunamis!

When you experience extreme emotions, your mind focusses on surviving the tsunami of the feelings and is not stable and capable enough to handle rational thinking and making practical decisions.

Emotions are temporary, actions are permanent

When we are in these extreme emotional states, we tend to wander off, and our rational part of the brain is overpowered by the emotional overwhelm. What happens as a result is something that we usually regret afterward.

When we are struggling with these emotional extremes, we make decisions without completely anticipating the consequences. At that moment, we just need to make that decision, and we convince ourselves that we will handle the effects, but most of us are unable to, and that leads to more mental problems.

We forget the most important thing when we are dealing with the emotions and that is emotions are temporary and will fade away eventually but the actions and decisions we make during our struggle with emotions might haunt us and become a lifelong regret!

Having a different perspective

When we are just dealing with our thoughts and emotions, we fall prey to the self-destructive behavior and are unable to contemplate the validity of our thoughts.

Things we might consider right and rational might just be our mind confining us to the individual limits of our perspective and having someone else evaluate our thoughts and emotions gives us an entirely fresh perspective into our inner workings.

The vantage point that we gain just by sharing our thoughts and emotions with someone we can be open with helps us have a self-analytical approach.

This change in perspective allows us to grow and fine tune our personalities to bring out our true self.

So, next time when you struggle with extreme emotions, remember you are not alone and feel free to reach out to your friend, family, and community to give you a different perspective of you!

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