Discover Your Passion By Connecting The Dots


Finding what you are passionate about is one of the most exhausting life experiences. But when you do find your passion, the whole pursuit, the struggle, is worth it.

It is difficult to define the feeling when you find out the thing that you can do for the rest of your life and still be happy and satisfied without losing interest.

Sure, your interests might change over time, you might have a different perspective over the years, but your passion, it will remain the same and even evolve with you.

Your Passion is at the Heart of your Interests

Whenever we talk about finding our passion, we are often confused. We have many interests, and while our passion is supposed to be something that we love, our interests are the activities that we enjoy as well. Hence, picking an activity that is worthy to be called our passion can be often difficult.

Over the ages self-improvement experts have advised that if we find what we love, we will never lose interest like we do in our jobs. When our passion becomes our job, getting bored or losing interest is out of the picture. However, what the expert often miss to discuss is the very act of finding our passion, and they have a reason to prefer this route.

Finding your passion is a highly personal thing, and everyone finds theirs in different ways. There is no formula for finding your passion, but there are some guidelines that can help.

If you are struggling to find your passion, I would suggest you list down all your interests. Don’t judge or get into editing mindset, just list them down. Now, your passion is something that links all or majority of your interests.

Your passion is your Keystone Interest. Think of it as a thread that connects your interests. For instance, if your interests are filmmaking, storytelling, blogging, copywriting and so on, chances are that WRITING is your passion!

You don’t find your Passion, It finds you!

If you talk to someone who knows what they are passionate about and ask them how they discovered their passion, most probably they will say that they did not find their passion, their passion found them!

Some people are lucky that their passion found them at a very age. They were lucky to discover the one thing that ignites their mind and makes them happy and content.

For instance, Warren Buffet was great at making money and investing to get better results. The power of compounding effect found Warren Buffet at a very young age.

I say that your passion discovers you because it is a moment of realization that connects everything in your life. It’s like getting struck by a bolt of lightning!

People who have been experienced this find it difficult to express the joy that they felt when it happened.

Once you realize what you are passionate about, you know that your whole life has been leading to this one moment – You start connecting the dots.

Your Life Transformation Starts when you Discover your Passion

The moment that you realize what your passion is, your life transformation starts.

Suddenly, all the doubts, confusion, struggle fades away, and you begin to visualize the path you need to take.

Some people tend to make drastic changes. If they feel like what they are doing right now is not in line with their passion, they immediately start finding ways to find things that they should be doing instead.

Many people find what they are passionate about only to get disappointed to know that they are not good. The thing is, no one is good at anything when they start out.

Some people are lucky that they had enough practice with what they are passionate about before knowing that it is something they can happily pursue for the rest of their lives.

For others, it is not that simple. They didn’t have the right opportunity to hone their skills. It is completely fine. If you know what you are passionate about and find that you are not good at it, practice.

The more you practice, the better you get.

Final Thoughts

If you have already found your passion, I wish you all the very best in your journey ahead. However, many people still struggle to pinpoint their passion, and for them, I will say that don’t get disheartened, your life may not seem to be going where you feel it should be heading and its ok.

It is a journey, and you will have your moment of realization. When it happens, everything will make sense, from all the odd jobs to the mistakes to the failures. You will connect the dots when the time comes until then enjoy your journey!

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