Don’t Let Bullies Take Away Your Success


Bullies are everywhere! Hundreds of teens are bullied every minute and it’s not just limited to the teens. Workplace bullying is one of the worst challenges organizations are facing today.

Both teens and adults choose not to speak about it due to the fear the bullies have instilled in them.

Every day, people commit suicide because they were bullied to a level they couldn’t think of any other solution.

The thing is bullies take pride in their behavior and think that they are better than others and that they can do or say anything to others as long as they feel right and good about it. But one thing bullies don’t understand is that their behavior can make people mentally disturbed.

I’ve been close to a lot of people who were bullied at some point in their life and I’ve seen the impact it can have. Bullying can be either verbal, physical or social. However, the impact it has on the human mind can be extreme in some cases.

Don’t let anyone affect your confidence

Bullies love to dominate and the more you let them dominate you, the more they will bully you.

If you don’t let the bullies affect you and maintain your confidence, they will finally back down.

Remember, bullies feed off your fear and when they see that they have no impact on you, they will back down since they don’t have any power over you.

Share your experience with your friends and family

You will be surprised how helpful this small action can be.

Friends and family can understand what you are going through and are more capable of taking actions against the bullies.

Also, just by sharing your thoughts, fear, and worries, you unload your mind and this can have amazing effects for you.

Fear of being judged can stop you from sharing your experience but remember that you will be judged at every step of your life and to be honest it doesn’t really matter what people think about you.

No one should be allowed to hamper your spark

Last but definitely not the least, no one in this world should have the power to hamper your spark.

You are meant to achieve great things in life and these experiences are just a speed bump along the way.

These experiences will feel overwhelming at times and it’s ok to take a moment to be affected by it but as soon as you are done feeling the impact of these experiences, just remember thy these are temporary feelings and will last till you allow them to affect you.


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