Don’t Wake Up Early! Do This Instead


By now you might be convinced that in order to become a better version of yourself and transform your life, you need to wake up early. Early risers get so much done and can achieve more than others, right?

I disagree. See, I am not in favor of you staying up all night and starting your day in the afternoon. No, that is not the right way. And I discussed whether being a night owl is good or bad for you in a previous article.

However, the belief that you need to become an early riser to be successful is a myth and I will explain why. But first let us understand why waking up early is given so much importance.

Why waking up early is emphasized?

Sure, waking up early has its benefits. You start your day way before you need to and that gives you a lot of time that you can utilize for self improvement. Some people even like getting some work done in that time and it gives them a positive start to their day.

Getting a high priority task first thing in the morning not just reduces your stress levels throughout the day, it gives you more time to work on other stuff.

Also, keeping your body in sync with nature and waking up around when the sun rises is also beneficial for your mental and physical well being.

These are few of the reasons why waking up is important but the most important reason is never explained by others.

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The habit of waking up is more important than the act of waking up

Yes, the habit is more important than the act!

See, most people who have the habit of waking up are consistent and wake up around the same time everyday. The act of waking up becomes so habitual that they don’t even need an alarm to wake up after few weeks. While this might sound obvious, but this is the secret that most people fail to discuss when they mention that waking up early is important to be successful.

So, doesn’t matter if you prefer to wake up at 4am or 11am, as long as you remain consistent and ensure that you wake up at the same time everyday, you can become successful.

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Why consistency matters?

The reason why consistency matters for a simple habit like waking up is because then you know what time your day starts and you can plan ahead without any conflict.

In fact, being consistent in your daily rituals is the real key to success. When you perform any action on the same time, everyday, your brain anticipates that action and prepare you for it, without fail.

Most people who are against waking up early argue that they wake up anytime they want and still achieve more than others. Agreed, but why are they competing with others when their goal should be to get the most out of themselves and find out their true capabilities!

See, people who say that they wake up anytime they want and still get things done might be doing things, I don’t deny that, but what they are really doing is underestimating their true potential. It is like having a Ferrari and not knowing how fast it can go or worse believing that the maximum speed it can achieve is 80 MPH. Such a waste of true potential, isn’t it?

When you become consistent, you can get the most out of your day and yourself. Everyday you would know your schedule and can plan your day to get more things done in the limited time.

Final Thoughts

No matter what others say, find what time suits you and be consistent. Always remember that consistency is the key to be successful. Not just waking up, be consistent with every habit and soon you will start to see the results of your efforts.

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