Get Ready To Unleash Your Creativity When You Are Bored!


Early in my career, I used to see boredom as a sign that I’m not doing what I should and I’m not where I should be. There was a reason I felt this way because I used to get bored whenever I didn’t have anything exciting to work on or worse, I had NO work!

However, as I worked on several projects over the years, I started to realize that Boredom was always followed by a deep and meaningful creative work.

I used to think that this just happened to me but I was wrong. I studied about how writers, designers, actors, entrepreneurs knew how boredom was almost every time followed by a creative and focused sprint.

When you think about it, our mind is a complex tool and whenever it faces boredom, it can find amazing ways to let out powerful and focused creative energy that in turn has enabled artists and entrepreneurs to do something incredible.

So whenever you feel bored, just think of it as an opportunity to get the most meaningful creation out of you.

You will be surprised by the things that you are capable of.

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