How Personal Challenges Define You


If you have read my blog in the past, you might have noticed that I have a strict posting schedule from Monday through Friday.

But since the past few weeks, I have been unable to stick to my schedule and have missed a lot of posts. It’s not like I didn’t have anything to share, its just that I was busy fighting my personal battle.

I don’t like to discuss my personal life but since this blog is “My Mind Diary”, it would be unfair not to address it. I am not going to go into detail and discuss the challenges that I faced during the last few weeks, let’s just leave it at that I had an unavoidable family emergency.

But this changed something in me, and I discovered something in me that I would not have learned otherwise.

So I decided rather than sharing my struggle, I will share my learnings.

Don’t miss the beauty of life

We live life ignoring that fact that being alive is a blessing and keep ourselves stuck in random thoughts. We don’t appreciate the beauty of life, and only when we have a close encounter with death or see someone close to us dying, we understand the real value of life and how it can affect so many people in our lives.

Think about it, we don’t understand the value and beauty of our lives and keep complaining about how miserable our life is. But is our life really miserable, NO!

The emotions and the experiences that we are having right now in our lives is just a result of the choices that we made or the choices someone made for us. In both cases, we have the option to make another decision, one that leads to a happier life, because believe it or not, you deserve a happy life.

Life is not always fair, but it is always beautiful. Even in the most worse stages, life proves us that its the most beautiful thing that we can ever experience.

Your closed ones deserve your time

No matter how busy you are, the people who you consider close deserve your time. We give excuses that what we are doing, the reason we are busy is for their comfort, safety, security, but to be very honest, they need our time more than anything.

You will realize this only when it’s too late, and then you will make every effort to fill in the time that you missed.

Trust me, nothing in this world is worth missing spending time with your loved ones!

I experienced this first hand in the past few weeks. I know it now, but I wish I knew this earlier.

You might think that you give enough time to your loved ones, but just ask them once and you will find that it’s not enough.

Sometimes its OK to just take a break

You care a lot about your job, or you care a lot about that project you have been working towards for months. However, sometimes its Ok to take a break from these things.

I know its easier said than done, especially for people who are obsessed about being the better version of themselves. But, sometimes, taking a break doesn’t mean that you gave up, it just means that you needed time to refuel and get a better perspective of the tasks at hand.

I found it difficult to move away from things that I have been working on for months but taking a break provided me a better perspective of my purpose and its definitely going to reflect in the work I do moving forward.

Next Steps

I know you won’t agree with everything I say, but I am not looking for your agreement, I am looking for your engagement. I want you to challenge and debate over things that I say, and you don’t agree on, because let’s be honest, no one is perfect.

I might have a different perspective on things but your perspective can be better than mine, and I would love to hear it.

Share Your Opinion, Because It Matters