How To Convert Temporary Motivation Into Permanent Results


How many times have you been highly motivated to do something only to procrastinate later? I am guessing most of the time!

You want to create positive changes in your life, learn a new skill, create a healthy lifestyle, get up early in the morning, and you are determined to do it. However, you find yourself procrastinate whenever that surge of high motivation wears off!

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you, it how motivation works. The sooner you understand, the better chance you have at converting that motivation into results.

Motivation is Temporary

Motivation is not permanent, and you don’t stay motivated all the time. Think of motivation as any other feeling. Just like you can’t be angry, upset, happy all the time, you can’t be motivated throughout the day.

Motivation is like energy, it burns out quickly.

One of the reasons for this is how our mind works. Our mind is like a child taking a walk. As soon as it finds something else that creates a sense of interest, it gets distracted.

For instance, when you are motivated to get fit and create a healthy lifestyle, you might start exercising, go out for a walk, choose a healthier snack or even buy a gym membership.

What happens next?

You fall off the wagon quicker than you expected. You miss your exercise session. You cave into the comfort of your blanket when you need to go out for a walk. You have a cheat meal sooner than you are supposed to, and you feel hopeless and pathetic. You start again from scratch only to find no motivation. You doubt your ability.

This is just one example, your story might be different. But the pattern will be similar, and you will most probably end up with zero motivation and a bag full of self-doubt!

Our mind just can’t sustain the motivation that made us start the changes that we need. It loses focus and gets distracted.

We Always Need a Push

There is a reason that we have so many people talking and creating motivational content. From articles, podcast, videos to books, there is so much content out there to get motivated.

People who have a better understanding of how motivation works are the ones that create better results. All the successful people use this understanding to produce permanent results that help them grow and become a better version of themselves.

We need the push. We need the push ourselves to get motivated. Your way of getting motivated might be different from others but, we all need a way to get started.

Don’t Wait to Get Motivated

Recently, I had this wonderful conversation with a successful entrepreneur. He created multiple successful businesses that earn him millions of dollars every year.

I asked him how he is motivated to create new businesses and successfully scale up the old ones.

He told me that it’s not like that he is motivated all the time. He has those moments when he has zero motivation. His secret is that he does not wait for motivation to come to him, he intentionally creates motivation every morning.

His Getting Motivated Routine includes listening to motivational songs every morning. It works for him.

You just need to find your own getting motivated routine. It might be songs, motivational quotes, podcast, articles or a book. Find what works for you and use it.

What to do when you are motivated?

Once you find what motivates you and you finally are motivated to do whatever you want to do, just start.

Yes, it might sound strange, but as soon as you start working, you begin the motivation engine. You will find yourself more motivated when you start working.

You are motivated to write, why not write 1000 words. You are excited to learn a skill, why not start right now. Doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is, if you really want something, you will have all the reason in the world to start working towards achieving it.

It is crucial to start immediately if you want to create permanent results.

What to do when you are Unmotivated?

Well, use your getting motivated routine and if it doesn’t work, the chances of which are low, but if for some reason you don’t get motivated, start with the activity anyway.

Don’t focus on the amount of work done, just focus on doing the activity. Chances are you will find the motivation to continue doing it. If you don’t, it is completely normal. You might have something else on your mind. Write down what you are feeling in your journal. If you don’t maintain a Journal, I would highly suggest you start it today. You will be surprised how positively it can impact your life.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be upset or disappointed if you are not motivated enough to do something that you know deep down you should be doing. Remember, motivation is temporary, and just like we need to feed our body regularly with energy, we need to feed our mind with motivation. You might find it difficult at first, but remember what you want to achieve, and you will get through the initial phase. Once you do, you will never look back!

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