Is TRUST Worth Your Time?​


We, as a species, are very efficient when we are in groups. The inception of our civilization was made possible through our ability to stay and operate in groups.

Soon we started building larger tribes, communities, cities, countries! But being together requires TRUST!

Trust has been one of the most critical factors for the success of human civilization. Think about it, would we ever stayed together if we didn’t trust the other person? Some of you might not agree and argue that we have been living with people we don’t trust.

And I don’t blame you because its the truth! So, today, let’s understand what TRUSTING means to us.

Trusting a Person and an Idea are different

When you decide to trust a person, you put your faith in that person. You can trust that person to make decisions for you, knowing that the person will do the rightful thing.

However, trusting an idea is entirely different. When you trust an idea, you put your faith in something that cannot be quantified. Ideas are dynamic and can relate to anything from the smallest quark to the vast expanses of the universe! For example, Elon Musk trusts his idea that he can make our species interplanetary.

Trusting a person can have consequences, and usually, you and your feeling would be the collateral damage. But the trusting an idea can have critical consequences, and the collateral damage can be beyond our expectations.

You all have heard of Hitler. He trusted that Aryans were the superior race and it was this trust that led him to massacre thousands of people.

Monkey Trust Instinct

Instinctive trust is something that we don’t have any control over and is an integral part of our subconscious. This kind of trust offers us a feeling of security. For example, if someone has saved you from any sort of trouble before, you will subconsciously trust that person. I also like to refer to this as the Monkey Trust Instinct!

Because it is a primitive way of trusting someone. This is how our ancestors formed tribes and eventually led us to where we are. However, Monkey Trust Instinct is not very trustworthy! 🙂

See, the thing is, people also manipulate others by tricking their mind into trusting them and making them do things that are probably not good. Take for example relationships. How many of you have dated someone or have been dated by someone, who was just using you? Probably, all of us!

Monkey Trust Instinct can be very dangerous and can place us in very uncomfortable situations, but it also teaches us not to rely on it.

Conscious Trusting

Once someone has broken our trust and has made us think about our Monkey Trust Instinct, we then learn not to be dependent on it and device our own ways to evaluate whether a person or an idea is worth our trust.

While this might work really well for a lot of people, still many have their trust broken even after they consciously chose to trust someone.

Now, the thing about conscious trust is that some people are really cautious and don’t let themselves trust someone who has hurt them in the past. But, a lot of us chose to trust someone even after knowing that the person is going to hurt us.

And its ok if you know what you are getting into.

Trust has consequences

We all know this and have learned this through multiple experiences in our lives. Whenever we decide to trust someone or trust an idea, we know that either it will turn out to be a good experience or a bad one. When we know that trust has consequences, we make choices that are more informed.

As I said earlier, its ok if we know what we are getting into. Having said that, we still need to ask ourselves, IS TRUST WORTH OUR TIME?

A lot of people believe it is worth their time and continue to invest their time in evaluating their decision to trust. But some people believe that trust is a waste of your time and just choose to not trust anyone.

To Trust or Not to Trust

Whether we believe in trusting or not, we all as human beings are still going to have trust at very instinctual level. And this is not the Monkey Trust Instinct I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the instinctual trust at a cellular level! Answer me this, do you trust your lungs to keep breathing, your heart to keep pumping, your brain to keep functioning or your body to keep moving?

Never thought of it, right? Its because at a cellular level, every cell in our body trusts the other cells to do their part, just like in civilization. Even though some cells stop doing their part in some cases, the other doesn’t give up and continue to do what they were meant to do!

So, even if decide that trust is not worth our time, we still have trust left in us!


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