Life Is Beautiful But Unfair!


Life is one of the most beautiful creations of the universe! Being alive is a gift that you have received.

Just imagine, right at this moment, while you are reading this article, your body is busy making you functional. The individual cells, all contributing their bit to make you, YOU!

Life is so complicated yet so simple! The harmony that our every cell in our body functions is just amazing.

I feel inspired whenever I think about life. I feel gifted and lucky to be alive. Life is so beautiful; it makes everything viable!

I also believe that life is unfair and I have practical reasons to have this belief.

Most of us are living someone else’s dream

When I look at the people in my life, I find that many of them are busy fulfilling someone else’s dreams and desires. Be it their parents, spouse, children or anyone that have unloaded their dreams onto others.

Even I was living a life that was dictated by what my family, friends, teachers, boss, colleagues wanted.

When I started practicing meditation, I started becoming mindful of my thoughts and actions. I realized and accepted this fact and started taking charge of my life to change for good.

It is good to care for the ones that you love and fulfill their wishes. However, don’t let those expectations dictate your life. Because once our life is defined by what others want, we will soon start resenting that we were not able to do anything for yourself and having that feeling can have destructive effects on our mind.

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Not everyone can appreciate the beauty of life

When was the last time you acknowledged and expressed gratitude for being alive, for having a beautiful life, to exist in this infinite universe?

You probably won’t remember! It is ok, I have been there.

We get so busy in our daily lives that we forget to appreciate the beauty of our lives. We get busy with survival, with mundane tasks and forget to live the life that we should be grateful to have.

Everyone is busy competing in the rat race and don’t remember the true meaning of life.

Life has given us so much, but the living takes so much away from us!

Our subconscious mind disables us and makes us busy with things that don’t matter. It makes us unaware of the beauty of the life that we are living.

This is one of the primary reason for increasing number of people struggling with mental issues!

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You cannot get everything you want

We all wish to have so many things, in our life. But even the most successful people in the world don’t get everything they want.

Everyone struggles in life to achieve things they might not get, ever. We continue our struggle to get things that we want.

But have you ever asked yourself whether you need the things that you want to live a happy and content life?

Probably not!

Once we accept that material belongings are just a manifestation of our desire to feel content, we will start finding ways to be content with simple things in life, like having an evening walk with someone you love!

Contentment is the void we all try to fill with our material possessions, but it is a void that can only be filled when you feel content!

Understand this fact and start doing simple things that can make you happier and content in the long run.

Your possessions will wear out some day, the experience that you have in life will not!

The thing is, you are still alive and breathing. It is never too late to start being aware of the beauty of life.

Life is always going to be unfair. Accept it and be happy!


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