Movement And Progress


In today’s age, where productivity is talked about a lot, people turn to every resource they could find to get more stuff done!

Getting things off the checklist has become one of the top priorities for most of us. This has come to a point where I have seen people adding unnecessary and routine tasks to their to-do list, and they feel right about it.

Checking off tasks from the to-do list has become an addiction!

It’s not wrong to do this, having tasks and making sure you do them is one of the best things you can do to succeed.

However, adding unnecessary tasks and feeling good about it when you have more important tasks pending, is WRONG and will take you nowhere!

This is an issue that most of us struggle with.

We misunderstand movement as progress!

Let’s understand the difference between movement and progress to find a way to ensure that we succeed in every goal we undertake.

Not every task contributes to your progress

This applies to every one of us.

Now, I am not saying that routine tasks don’t have any importance, I am just saying that the difference between good and great personalities is how they prioritize their tasks!

The best way to understand that if a task is worth your time is to analyze whether it is going to add any value and contribute to your goal. If not, it is probably a low priority task.

When a task is a high priority, you feel the urgency to get it done. Not just this, because you know how much your future depends on this goal, you make sure that you immerse yourself entirely in that task. Once this happens, you are not just moving, you are making progress!

Are you a Dreamer or an Achiever?

Now, by reading the sub-title, you might be confused to choose between the two.

While being a Dreamer means that you are creative, your perception of the world is limitless and more, being an achiever means merely that you are more likely to succeed.


I don’t! See the thing is, I believe being a dreamer or an achiever is just a mindset!

I believe, dreamers that don’t act are useless! Think about it, if Leonardo da Vinci just dreamt and never acted upon it, would we remember him?


The reason we remember him is that he not only dreamt, but he also acted upon it, and that made him an achiever!

So, the next time, you have a big dream, act upon it and let us remember you for your achievements!

Movement and Progress are different

By now, you might have understood that movement and progress are two different things.

Just because you do a lot of stuff, only because you meet a lot of people, just because you write a lot of words, doesn’t mean that you are making progress.

Progress happens when you do the stuff that matters, meet a people that make you better and write words that have a deeper meaning!

When we start to add filters and just focus on select tasks, interact with only the people that matter and make sure that every action we take contributes to our goal and takes us closer to our destination, we unlock SUCCESS!

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