Nobody Is Born Special


Right from childhood most of us are treated like we are very special and are meant for greatness. Our parents leave no stone unturned to pamper us and actually convince us that we are special and unique, well, most parents do.

But is this the right parenting? Is it right to make your child feel like he or she is special?

Let me ask you this if everyone thinks they are unique, then being special is normal and in fact, no one is special! Surprised, right, but I am not discussing something new. Most people know this fact but still, convince themselves that it’s just a philosophical thought or a theory which holds no credibility in the real world.

If you try to tell them otherwise, they argue that there must be something special in people that they succeed in life. But the truth is entirely different!

Everyone is born special

Now you might be thinking that I am contradicting myself, but all I did was indirectly convey that no one is born special!

Sure, life is a gift and to be alive on this planet is a blessing. But if you think with another perspective, we are a tiny blip on the massive timescale of the universe, and no one knows if we will ever develop into an advanced civilization.

For now, we all are just transitionary medium for our species, just carrying the tiny strands of evolution with us! I know it sounds very disheartening but its the truth and truth is beautiful if you know how to accept it, how to embrace it!

So, we all are born with this complex human body, and we all have a potent and capable tool, the brain, then why most of are just noise and only a few are a success?

Your choices and actions make you special

The reason is simple, the successful ones amongst us are defined by their decisions and actions.

Think about it, if I gave you a chance to go back to a point in life where you have the choice to rethink and select your path, would you choose the same things or would you choose different things? If you do choose something different, would that change where you are today and would that choice or action make you, well, special?

I guess we all know the answer to this! See, one thing that most parents fail to teach is that we are not unique but our choices and actions will define whether we will be!

So, is this it? Choose wisely and act responsibly and you will be special? Of course not!

The pressure that we need to perform

If you read about the successful people, one thing most of them have in common is that they have been through some kind of mental pressure that affected and changed the way they think, making them what they are today.

For example, if you don’t teach your child the value of people, time, money and they have everything they need. You never put them in situations that would require the best in them, that child will eventually be a failure, like most highly pampered kids are.

They will survive in life and will be successful only with the help of others. They won’t have what we call SPECIAL.

The situations that pressurize us and tests us usually are the best and brings out the special in us, if we make the right choices.

Eventually, know this, nobody is born special, our actions, choices and the situations that we have been through makes us special!


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