Our Internal Need for Attention


Do you ever feel that you are doing certain things just to garner attention from people around you? If you said no, then you are probably lying to yourself!

We humans have this internal need to seek attention right from our childhood. So, our attention seeking behavior must be good, right? Not necessarily.

See, the reason we have this behavior biologically embedded in us is that we need it to survive!

Let me explain. What happens when you touch a hot vessel? You feel pain. On the surface, it looks simple, but our bodies have these complex feedback systems that are designed to seek attention from our brain in situations that could be bad for us.

However, our social attention seeking behavior is more psychological than physical. We are social animals and has always been like that for centuries. We depend on people around us to get our needs to feel belonged, to feel important, to feel a part of the group fulfilled.

It was easier for us before when the size of the tribe was small enough that everybody had their fair share of attention. However, with time, our tribes grew, and now we are at a point where people struggle, even fight their way to get into limelight and garner attention.

There is a reason why social media platforms are booming today. Everyone wants their chance to get the attention they crave so desperately. Today we have grown so far apart from each other that seeking attention is our only hope to fulfill our biological need to feel a part of the group.

Attention seeking is now outgrown its original state and has become an addiction we all are struggling with!

So, today, I request you just one thing. Take down the walls of isolation and connect with people close to you. They would not ask for it directly, but they need your attention. They need you there. They need to feel a part of your life.

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