Perfect Life Does Not Exist


I love to read, and I read everything that is interesting from technology to self-improvement. Recently I came across an article about living a perfect life, and I thought to myself that whether a perfect life is a reality or an illusion.

I was curious and as usual, to quench my thirst for curiosity, I started researching about it. A quick search for “Perfect life” on Google opened a box of content written about living a perfect life.

From people sharing their experience of living a perfect life themselves to the steps that lead you to live a perfect life yourself, you name it, and you will find many articles on this topic.

However, I was still skeptical and went into a Thought Trance (a topic to be discussed later on).

I came to a conclusion that a Perfect Life is an illusion carefully crafted by brands and influencers to fool people like us to become a part of a race to achieving something that does not exist.

The lifestyle trap

Let me first start by discussing the trap that creates this beautifully crafted illusion of a perfect life.

The trap created to sell more

Lifestyle brands always strive to sell more and one way to do it is by creating a desire for their products. They can go to unimaginable lengths to convince the consumer that their product will help us live a perfect life.

And they try to convince us through different mediums. See, in the pre-internet era, brands didn’t have a way to personally appeal to individuals about their products, so they relied on regionally personalized marketing campaigns.

However, the internet and the advancement of technology made it possible for every individual to be online and leave a trail behind whenever they had any interaction online.

This online trail got bigger and better to fuel the creation of individual profiles of every individual. By analyzing the online trail, companies figured out a way to know the preferences, buying habits, response to honeytraps and this translated to a complete profile of you and me that brands use today to deliver the content and graphics that fit our preferences.

You browsed an e-commerce site for shoes, now all you will see is shoes, everywhere you go online. That’s the power of online profiling!

And when I say ‘Lifestyle Brands’, it means any brand that can or has become a part of your lifestyle. Tech, clothing, e-commerce, media, you name it, and the probability is that they are a lifestyle brand that has the potential to be a part of your lifestyle.

The psychological hook

Brands invest millions of dollars every year and hire the best psychologists to find out a way to create an appeal for their products.

These brands and the channels they use to reach out to us are a part of creating a psychological hook, and as a fishing hook, the aim is simple and straightforward, to catch fish, you!

See, if you think that you are unique and born special, let me break your illusion. There are hundreds and millions of people around the world that have similar preferences and buying habits like you. Brands rely on this generalization of people to create a psychological hook to lure you in to buy their stuff.

No matter how unique you are, you probably fall into one of the groups that share similar preferences and/or buying habits.

It’s just a matter of time that you find yourself stuck in one of this hook.

The illusion of choice

You might think that no matter how appealing the brands create their hooks, you always have a choice. You are wrong!

Brands rely on our psychology and know that the more you try to get away from their hooks, the more appeal it creates!

A choice is an illusion for most of us as we are living a subconscious life and this makes us open to becoming a prey to the brand hooks.

It is effortless to target us when most of our decisions are subconsciously made.

Choice, for most of us, is just an illusion that makes us feel better about ourselves and gives us a sense of control, which we apparently don’t have!

The way out

The only way out of this illusion is by accepting that a perfect life does not exist.

No matter how hard anyone tries, life cannot be perfect, and that is what makes us what we are!

We spend our entire life chasing illusions, and in the end, the only thing that matters is happiness and contentment.

Life cannot be perfect but it can be beautiful, content, adventurous, and most importantly lively!

If you think you can live a perfect life, you are wrong because the definition of perfect is something that is not your own but sold to you day in and day out by big corporations.

If you try to achieve their definition of a perfect life, they are always going to have the NEXT THING that would let you live one. But when you have that, they will come up with yet another thing, and it will go on forever.

You will continue living your life struggling and making more money to acquire more things that brands try to sell.

The thing that can help you come out of this trap is knowing what you need, the essentials, and ignoring the rest.

When you start investing in essentials, yes INVESTING not spending, you have what you need. After that everything you buy will be an expense and will just help you to clutter your life with things that you don’t necessarily require.

So, accept that the perfect life doesn’t exist and invest in essentials, and eventually, you will live a life that is more content and happy!



  1. Life cannot be perfect but it can be beautiful, content, adventurous, and most importantly lively!

    I totally agree to it about life… As sometimes, life is bringing too much expectation from the world we live in and from others that created and defined the true meaning of “Perfect life”.

    • Agreed.

      We burden ourselves to prove our worth based on others definition of “PERFECT”, its the worst struggle most people find themselves in. The only solution is to be happy with what you have and ignore what others think you should have!

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