Remember, You Are Just A Human


The pressure from our family and society cripples our ability to spread our wings and pursue something that matters to us. It can also inflate our perception about our skills and make us feel invincible at times. What bothers me the most is this unjustified pressure transforming into a feeling that we cannot fail, that we are not allowed to fail.

This has, in turn, made us all experience invincibility at some point in our lives. We believe that nothing can take us down and we are the best! Be it about a specific skill, emotion, or life in general, we have been through a phase where we felt that we are the best, that we can conquer anything, that we are invincible!

It’s Normal To Have Such Thoughts

It's Normal To Have Such Thoughts

It’s completely normal to have such thoughts, and it has helped a lot of people recover from terrible situations. Having said that, for some people, this can be dangerous. For people who struggle with emotional swings and are sometimes euphoric and sometimes depressed, feeling invincible is something that should not be taken for granted.

See for people struggling with this issue also struggle with the feeling of extreme vulnerability. They feel like they are useless and swing between highs and lows which affects their personal and professional lives. When in a high state, we might take irrational and unpractical decisions and forget to bring into the account the consequences. These decisions might work for many but not for everyone.

People have lost fortunes just because they felt that they were the greatest and took decisions that were not calculated. The thing that is to remember if you are the one struggling with swinging between the extreme emotions it ok and there are many ways to cope with it.

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Take Your Time To Evaluate Your Decisions

Take your time to evaluate your decisions

Its ok to take time to think about your next steps and have helped many people to identify choices that make or break their future. For instance, if you like gadgets, there is always a new shiny one launched recently that you crave desperately. But if you just go ahead and buy it, you might hurt your financial plans!

The solution to this is simple. I am not saying its wrong to indulge in your interests! I am just emphasizing the fact that while it might make sense for you to buy that new gadget now, but if you take your time and actually think about it before purchasing, you might decide to buy it a few months later or not buy it at all because you don’t need it.

Taking your time before any decision will help you to evaluate every aspect associated with it and make data-driven decisions!

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Remember That Your Emotional State Is Temporary

Remember That Your Emotional State Is Temporary

Whether you are feeling euphoric or depressed, you should always remember that it is not going to last forever. These are a temporary state of mind. The human mind is dynamic and keeps changing. No emotion or feeling is going to last forever, and once you understand this fact, its a lot easier to deal with painful emotions and feelings.

I say this because I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for a long time and the only way I was able to overcome them was through acceptance.

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Be Yourself And Be Happy With What You Have

Be Yourself And Be Happy With What You Have

This is the most crucial step of all. Once you start accepting yourself for what you are and start being happy with what you have, you start discovering the true you!

You are unique and meant for greatness, it is just that greatness has a different definition for everyone. For some, greatness is living a life with their loved ones, for others, it might mean making a lot of money. The meaning might change, but everyone is destined for greatness!

So, keep at it and be a warrior. Life is beautiful, and once you start accepting and start expressing gratitude for what you have, you will live a happier life.

And don’t forget, you are just a human!

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No matter how critical the situation is, always remember that you are just a human and have limitations. Don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t think that you can do everything, you cannot, you are not meant to do everything. Instead, do the things that have the most impact and always remember that you did your best in every situation. Your actions might not stand up to your current standards but at the time, that was the best you had to offer.



  1. Thankyou for this wonderful post! With extreme moods swings that I tend to suffer and switching back and forth from mania to depression, can completely relate to your post and will definitely keep in mind the things you’ve mentioned!

    • Thank you for reading the post. I’m glad it was helpful.

      One thing I would like to share is that these extremes that we call mania (I prefer calling it Euphoria, it’s a more positive term and makes me feel good) and depression, are just a mindset and finding balance between them can be difficult at times.

      Meditation, especially mindful meditation really helps to find the calm between these two extremes.

      • Yeah.. I’ve too started recently.. yoga and meditation.. as of now I’m in euphoric phase, started blogging and spirits are high rocketed.. don’t know when I’ll be down on the drains again.. trying to stay calm ya surely practice meditation too.. thankyou so much 🙂

      • 🙂 Great. I have been through these extremes enough times to understand it is not going to be permanent.

        Don’t worry about the other extreme now. Enjoy the euphoria. And accept that our emotional states are only temporary.

        Whether good or bad, being alive and breathing is a beautiful gift, cherish it.🙂

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