Self-reflection: The Best Personal Development Tool


Not long ago, a man was in search of the secret to unlocking his real potential. He knew in his mind that he was meant for something great but couldn’t figure out his purpose in life.

He searched for it everywhere, read anything that closely resembled what he was searching for while still being unclear what he was looking for. He went to everyone who claimed that they have helped hundreds of people just like him to discover what their purpose in life was.

However, he soon realized that almost everyone was selling the same recipe but in a different format. While they claimed that people benefited from it, how could they be sure if what people found was their true purpose?

This led the man to begin his journey to discover his purpose in life. He stumbled upon great ideas from great minds and found that every one of them found their purpose by focusing on their personal development.

While personal development had a different meaning for every one of them, they had one thing in common, their personal development efforts brought them closer to their purpose.

We are all like this man who realized that personal development was the key to discovering our true purpose in life. But we all waste a lot of time searching for other alternatives because finding our true purpose in life cannot be that simple, right?

Wrong! Our true purpose in life awaits us on the road to our personal development.

When we are born, we are entirely dependent on our parents to take care of us, but even our instinct sets us on the path of personal development, and we learn to walk, talk, think, and become what we are today.

Personal development is embedded in us, and it is the result of the curiosity to discover what is possible!

So, what is the best tool for personal development?

The power of self-reflection

Think about it, when was the last time you reflected on your actions, behavior, thoughts, goals?

A long time ago or in some cases, never!

The reason for this is because no one told us that self-reflection was a powerful tool.

Whenever we search for a solution to any problem, our mind looks for the most complicated answer and we usually ignore the basics. And its all because of how we make everything seem difficult in our mind, and when a solution is straightforward, we feel it is not enough, we feel like we missed something.

Getting started with self-reflection doesn’t require you to read thousands of articles, watch hundreds of YouTube videos, or buy dozens of books or courses. It only takes you and your belief.

Start believing that self-reflection improves you

To get started with self-reflection, you first need to start believing that it is going to help you. If you don’t believe, it’s not going to work because your mind will put up a wall to resist change.

Once you start believing, you just need to take some time out every day and have a self-reflection session wherein you reflect on your day. Spare nothing, even the smallest action can have a huge impact.

So, once you start reflecting on your actions on that day, don’t judge yourself, just reflect on what you did and if you could have done it better if given another chance. By doing so, you will set in motion a self-improvement chain, and soon enough you will start making better decisions.

Perfectionism is a pursuit

To master your life and mind, remember there is nothing perfect.

Perfectionism is a pursuit of a lifetime

So, like everything in life, even self-reflection will be a pursuit for a lifetime. You will keep getting better and even become the best at it if you consistently keep doing it every single day without excuses.

No matter where you are, what you are doing, don’t forget to have a self-reflection session and every time you do, if possible, write your learnings. Over time, this will become the foundation of your Principles.

Once that happens, you would have reached the highest peak of self-development and would be in a position to become a master and teach your learnings to others.

Some people achieve this state at a very young age, while for some it might take a lifetime, but it’s not important how long you take to reach this point. What matters is what you do once you are there.

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