The Anxious Mind


When we were kids, we did things without thinking of the consequences. Our mind was free of worry, and it absorbed everything we saw, heard, smelled, touched and felt. The older we got, the more responsibilities were rested on us. We started worrying about getting good grades, winning the medal, and other nuisances of life.

Our minds started being more resistant to changes and began settling down with mechanical behavior. This is a primary reason why most people emphasize building great habits and cultivating discipline right from childhood.

A resistant mind starts reacting whenever we face a challenge that needs us to step out of our comfort zone. Our mind starts responding in ways that affect us mentally and physically.

Remember the first time you had “butterflies in your stomach” before a test? That was a glimpse of anxiety!

Anxiety is a real problem

Anxiety is a real problem faced by many people. Now, if you are not aware of how severe it can be, let me explain with an example.

Butterflies in stomach sound very typical, and you would think why people need help with anxiety, after all, it’s just temporary.

Accepted. It is temporary, but anxiety is one of those conditions that grows stronger with the time. Imagine the anxious feeling you get before a test or a stage presentation. Now multiply it by hundred, or even thousand in some cases!

Yeah, that’s how severe it can be for some people. People suffering from anxiety disorder feel physically and mentally weak when they have panic attacks!

Good news, you can learn to control anxiety.

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Remember to breathe

Yes, that is correct. The simplest way to deal with anxiety and panic attacks is to breathe.

Taking a few deep rhythmic breaths can be extremely helpful to control your anxiety. It relaxes your mind and body. It is far easier to deal with anxiety with a calmer mind.

Mindful breathing also helps you to cope with a lot of other issues and get better clarity.

I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time, and I know how it feels to be helpless while you have a panic attack. But the more you fight, the more it engulfs you!

If you give in, relax and focus on your breathing for a few minutes, you will feel much better. Try it out for yourself and let me know if it works for you.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety is a real problem and if it has gone out of control, seek professional help. Having said that, you can always take out a few minutes out of your schedule to practice mindfulness. Taking out two minutes every now and then can make all the difference.


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