The Corruption Called Life


Think of the time when you were younger. What were you like back then? Probably childish, mischievous, but most importantly, you were an imagination powerhouse and had no limits or restrictions set out by so-called “Society”!

What happened to you then? When did you lose that charm of yours, when did you become a zombie?

I know these questions are provocative and you have encountered these questions before. Not exactly like this but similar to these questions.

Have you ever wondered what really happened? I know I did and I still do to this day!

It was not like I wondered about these questions since it came to me. It took time but once these questions settled in, it was chaos in my mind. I started thinking about them all the time and couldn’t help myself.

The side effect of over-analyzing these questions also uncovered the dark, hurtful things that I buried in my childhood. That, in turn, led to other problems!

But I matured and had a completely different perspective to approach these questions and I did find my version of answers.

Life corrupts our inner child

How many times have you heard or read that we should keep the inner child alive?

This is what we should be doing but we chose to behave like grown-ups. We want to become adults and behave like we have all grown up and once we do, we start searching for ways to find the inner child.

This vicious cycle consumes us and corrupts us to make us blind. Once we get stuck in this loop, the obvious answers become difficult to find. We view self-discovery as enlightenment but its just becoming true to ourselves.

We complicate things is because of our illusion that being an adult, being a grown-up is a good thing.

When we are kids, we have a tendency to break down even the most complex things to its simplest parts and as we get older we lose this ability. Not just this ability, we lose almost every good thing that could have made us better.

Think about it, our lives have corrupted our inner child and made us a part of the rat race.

People who discover this secret, unleash the barriers and set their inner child free to do what they desire the most. These people stop looking outside to discover their purpose because their purpose was always with them, they just couldn’t see it. These people are the most successful amongst us!

Don’t let your present-self judge the present you

What you are now is a product of years of conditioning. We are conditioned by the rules and principles the SOCIETY sets out for us. But not every rule and principle is necessarily important or beneficial to our species.

When we were younger, we didn’t have to worry about these rules and principles, or should I say, we didn’t care!

We could dream anything and think of being anyone as long as it fulfilled our curiosity. We had so many things we wanted to be, we had so many things we wanted to do and so many things we wanted to create.

What happened then?

How many of you actually did what you wanted to do, became what you wanted to be, created what you wanted to create when you were younger? The thing that changed was how we perceived the world. The older we got, the more we were conditioned to become like other.

Then, how can you let your present-self judge the present you? You can’t.

Today, people are in search of their purpose, they want to know what they were meant to do. Did we ever have to think about it when we were younger?

No, we could dream to be anything. Why can’t we do it now? Because the society has told us again and again that we can’t be this or that.

We were corrupted by other’s version of who we should be.

So, the only thing that matters now, the only thing that we should remember is that the younger you was better at dreaming big, you just need to bring the younger you back. Let the younger you set the wildest goals for you, let the younger you judge the present you and let it take over your imagination.

Only then, we can truly discover our true purpose, only then we can become what we were meant to be!


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