The Difference Between A Leader And A Follower


All the comforts and things that we take for granted today is a result of continuous innovation by our ancestors. From farming, trading, industrial revolution to the digital revolution, innovation has driven our species into the future and very close to becoming an interplanetary civilization. (Thanks to the efforts by Elon Musk)

The businesses and people who keep innovating are the ones that are leading the market. The best example would be Apple.

Innovation in Business

Steve Jobs believed that if you are in a position to innovate, you should innovate, regardless of what others did. This passion for innovation is what revived Apple in the late 90s and made it the first trillion dollar company that we know today.

Some might argue that Apple has lost its touch after the unfortunate demise of the modern marketing juggernaut, Steve Jobs but I beg to differ. Yes, the pace at which the technology is advancing and the way big companies are investing in innovation as Apple did, has clouded the market with a lot of options.

It’s not like options are bad, its good to have options. However, a recent example where Apple introduced the “NOTCH” in their iPhone (which they did for a functional reason, no one like the notch but the functionality they incorporated is amazing) and other companies followed like always, shows that Apple is still a leader in some way.

Having said that, I also appreciate the efforts and innovation that is done by a few other companies and its good to see a different product for a change. This shows that even though Apple has become the leader, the moment it stops innovating is when a new company will take its place.

Innovation on a personal level

When we talk about innovation, we always think that it has got to do with technology in some way but innovation on a personal level is why we have leaders.

People who innovate in life and at work not only make their process efficient but also inspire others around them to innovate as well.

Innovation on the personal level could mean creating a process that could allow you to focus better, come up with ideas that could transform the way businesses grow and even make yourself as efficient as possible.

We look up to people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and the reason for that is they innovated on a personal level and that allowed them to grow their business and inspire us to do great things.

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