The Dilemma Of Priorities


Success is a hard thing to achieve. Sure, success has a different definition for everyone, but think about what success means to you, and I am sure you realize how difficult it to achieve it.

Naturally, we always crave for what we don’t have and what we want to achieve. We look up to the people who have met success.

Successful people are an inspiration to us, and we always try to learn from their routines, failures, discipline and their commitment to their goals.

One thing that is common in all successful people, regardless of what success means to you is how well they prioritize their tasks.

It’s incredible to see someone successful having an effortless productive day!

It might seem effortless to us, but it’s only with great efforts, patience and practice that one can achieve the mastery to be effortless in one’s actions!

Something a lot of people struggle to figure out is how to prioritize their tasks!

How can someone determine how to categorize the tasks in different priorities?

The Eisenhower Matrix

If you have been searching for different ways to prioritize tasks, you might have read about the Eisenhower Matrix.

If not, it looks something like this.

Prioritising Tasks

Now, as you can see, the tasks can be prioritized based on their IMPORTANCE and URGENCY in one of the four quadrants.

The Eisenhower Matrix or the Eisenhower Box is pretty simple to understand and is used by a lot of professionals around the world to prioritize their tasks.

The simplicity of this method has allowed its widespread usage and is definitely worth giving a try.

The urgency of tasks is something that can be determined quickly, like getting that flu shot or meeting that project deadline. But figuring out the importance of a task is something we all struggle with.

How to assess the IMPORTANCE of a task?

The quadrant is pretty self-explanatory, and you can find a lot of material online to learn more about it.

However, I am not going to discuss the quadrants but rather discuss how do you determine the importance of a task.

Before determining the importance of the tasks, it is essential to understand the areas of focus in life and then determining the importance of tasks.

1. Physical Health

A lot of us make the mistake of ignoring our body and prioritizing our Work above all. Being physically healthy is the most important thing in one’s life. Imagine a car with a worn out engine participating in a race, the car is bound to fail as it is not in the best condition it could be. The same applies to our physical health. Keeping the body at optimum fitness level ensures that we are prepared to take on the world.

2. Mental Health

If physical health is the engine of our car, our mental health is the fuel. Yes, for a healthy body to function optimally, having mental clarity and stability is extremely crucial!

3. Relationships

The relationships we have in combination with our Physical and Mental well being are the pillars of our life. Maintaining these three aspects of our lives can lead us to success and happiness.

4. Work

If you are physically and mentally fit and have a fantastic relationship with the people that you care about, you are destined for success at your workplace. The confidence and determination you get from maintaining the pillars of your life ensure that you can tackle any task at work with ease.

5. Finances

Finances are something a lot of people ignore and I know I did too. But trust me strategically planning your finances can make you a millionaire. Knowing the difference between an asset and a liability can be life-changing and completely transforms your perception towards spending and investing your money.

Now that you know the areas of focus in life, you can determine the importance of the tasks based on which area they belong to, and further, prioritize them.

After understanding the areas of focus, now comes the tricky part, THE CHOICE!

You always have to CHOOSE

No matter how well you determine the importance and urgency of your tasks when it comes to the execution, only one thing matters, YOUR CHOICE IN THAT MOMENT!

Every moment gives you the window to derail from your path yet if you learn to make the right choices at the moment, no one will have the power to stop you from being successful.

Every time you have a task at hand and its time for execution, being aware of your other tasks can help you pick up the tasks that have the most impact on your life.

Being aware and choosing the right tasks over the others can define and determine your achievements in life.

And as always, remember to be successful you have to be a master of mind and a slave of your actions!

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