The Importance Of Taking Risks


If you ask any successful person whether they have taken any risk in their life, almost every time, they will say YES.

Taking risk is essential for success and people who know and understand this will never hesitate for a moment before making a risky decision.

From freelancers to conglomerates, every one of them takes risky decisions on a regular basis, the only difference being, when you are starting out, your risks might not be calculated but as you advance in your career, life or business, you start weighing every factor and take calculated risks.

The question that remains is why is it so important to take risks?

The answer is straightforward and it all has to do with being ok with things happening outside of your comfort zone. The person who never wants to get out their comfort zone will always play it safe and ensure that nothing unexpected happens. However, risk-takers know that everything that wants to achieve in life lies outside of their comfort zone and hence they never back down when it comes to making decisions that could make or break their lives.

Things and people that change, evolve with time and these things and people are the ones that survive and rise above the rest. If you hate change, you will never grow as growth is change and change is growth.

So, next time when you have a decision that could be risky, think about what you could gain, weigh the possibilities and make the leap of faith to become what you want to be.

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