The Power Of Mind Maps


Our mind is a busy place to be in. Just imagine the amount of information stored in our heads!

Realizing that our mind is one of the most complex creations of the universe and trying to use it to our benefit is something that every success oriented person is looking for.

However, its easier said than done!

Given the complexity of the human mind, mastering it is a skill that requires a lot of patience and practice.

How many times you have had a great idea only to forget it some months down the line Or you had a great idea, and you thought about its execution, but you forgot what you had planned and probably missed the most critical parts.

This happens to almost every one of us, and there is a way to make it work!

By now, you might have heard or read about Mind Maps.

Mind Maps is a way to visually organize an idea or a concept and make it easier to recall when needed.

Many of the students use mind maps to remember complex concepts and usually have a better recollection of it when needed. Not just students, a lot of entrepreneurs use mind maps to visualize an idea before executing it for a better understanding of all the possibilities.

Why do you need Mind Maps?

Mind Maps are not just great for remembering things or outlining an idea, it’s a way to clear your head and organize your thoughts.

A person who feels overwhelmed with racing thoughts and needs a way to organize the chaos in mind, creating mind maps can be one of the best ways to do it.

When you write down your thoughts and draw a mind map, you don’t just get clarity about your thoughts, you feel a sense of calm, which, trust me is a rare feeling to achieve.

Remember to take one thought at a time

This is another thing that a lot of people struggle with when introduced to the concept of mind maps, they don’t understand or can’t figure out where to start.

If you are the one who struggles with figuring out where to start, the best advise that I can give to you is JUST START!

Yes, just start with the first thought that comes to your mind and soon you will get the hang of it.

Remember the first time you tried meditation? It was difficult to focus, right? But with practice, you got better, and the same applies to mind mapping.

However, after you have a better understanding of mind maps, it is crucial to prioritize the thoughts that you create the mind maps for.

You need to remember that movement and progress are not the same!

Use Mind Maps to build your Mind Palace

A few days back I discussed the Mind Palace.

Mind Maps are a great way to build a mind palace that you can use to store all your memories and things you want to remember.

Using the concept of mind maps to visually organize your thoughts can be an efficient way to create your mind palace.

To create a Mind Palace using the mind mapping, you can start with visualizing the place you want to associate your mind palace with, and have it as a central idea for your mind map.

Imagine a tree. Now the truck of the tree is your central idea, and then you have branches and sub-branches for every object and sub-objects that you add.

Now, once you have visualized the place for your Mind Palace, every day, start adding objects and associate the memories that you want to remember with each object.

The objects would be the branches connected to the central idea in the mind map. You can also use a keyword to make easier to remember the memory associated with a particular object.

Once you have mastered remembering simple objects and memories associated with it, you start practicing with complex objects.

An example of a complex object would be a File Cabinet. And inside that file cabinet, you start adding individual files for individual memories.

The File Cabinet would be the branch connected to the central idea, and the files would be the sub-branches emerging from the main branch.

This is just one example, the ways one could use mind mapping to create mind palace are limitless.

Give it a try and let me know how you used mind mapping to get more organized mentally.

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