The Subconscious Life


Do you think that you are in control of your life? Do you think that every decision you make is really made by you?

Yes? You are wrong!

The truth is that 90% of what happens to you is not a result of your conscious decisions! Yes, I know, this sounds ridiculous, but it is the truth.

You have lived a subconscious life. Not just you, most of us are living a life that is driven subconsciously.

Our subconscious mind developed because of our survival instincts. Whenever we are in a threatening situation, our subconscious mind makes the decisions for us.

We needed our subconscious mind to survive in threatening situations. As the human civilization flourished and became the dominant species on the planet, the number of threats started reducing. We set laws in place to lower the threats.

The threats that we face now is the lowest we ever faced in the history of humanity.

Sure, we developed powerful weapons and had deadly wars, but it was all to guarantee more safety.

Soon, we became comfortable with our surroundings, and our subconscious mind became comfortable as well.

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The Autopilot Mode

Most of us have disorganized thoughts. And we have built up this chaos from the moment we started thinking.

We have all been a victim of the subconscious society, where almost everyone is living life subconsciously. Going through the everyday mundane activities without even realizing that they are on autopilot.

Don’t believe me?

Whenever you are in a public place, office or even at home, just notice the people. You will start to realize what I mean.

It’s not like people are not aware of what’s going on! It is just that most of the time in a day, they are unaware of their actions. These actions are now embedded in their lifestyle and have become a part of them.

Let me give you an example when you enter a room at your home or you open the lid of your laptop, do you think and consciously press the button to turn on the light or your laptop or you just do it without even giving it a thought?

You just do it without really being aware of it!

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The Bursts of Realization

The thing is, even though you might realize that you are on autopilot mode most of the time of the day, you don’t take actions to be in control.

Or should I say you do take actions when you realize that you are on autopilot mode, you just can’t stay consistent at it!

Most of us have bursts of realization that we are living a subconscious life, that we are not in control of life, that most of what happens to us is just our subconscious mind making decisions for us.

Trust me these decisions are not the best for us.

The only way we could start gaining control of our life is by being consistent with our actions to be more conscious.

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The Awakening

Our subconscious mind loves to save our lives, but it also loves to spoil us by remembering the actions that we do routinely so that our conscious mind can focus on more important things.

However, our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a good routine or a bad one.

That’s where the conscious mind comes into play.

When we realize that we are just subconsciously living and programming our subconscious mind with unnecessary routines, we can then choose to change this!

But, change is not easy, and our subconscious mind is the most resistant when it comes to change.

Having said that, it’s not impossible and just like we programmed our subconscious with unnecessary habits, we can reprogram it with conscious and mindful routines.

Once we become mindful of our actions, perform the actions with the highest amount of awareness we can have and tackle one thing at a time, we can break free from the subconscious life that we have lived.

Only then we can have control over our lives and start living a life driven by our conscious actions!


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