Why We Are Unable To Take Action?


Our actions define what we will achieve in our life. No one realizes this better than people who have achieved great success just by ensuring that they take actions.

Actions are significant to our success. Actions help us to be productive, get things done and advance our business or career.

Someone who mentored me mentioned that “Business work on actions and not on plans.” This person is an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur, and he realized this fact when he stumbled in the initial days of his business.

He used to focus on laying out immaculate plans and paying attention to every detail. However, when he finally decided to act upon his plan, his competitor had already released a similar product!

He realized at that moment that if only he had taken action and started with his idea, he would have beaten his competitor to the market.

When he shared this insight with me, I realized I was no different. And honestly, many of us are the same.

We create plans and think of all the possibilities but never act on the plan. And when we finally decide to act, someone else has already beaten us and have created something similar!

Many of us have an even more significant issue. They can’t act even if they want to!

If you are someone who has this issue, it’s perfectly ok, and you are not alone.

Why we can’t take action?

There are many reasons why we can’t act on our plans and are stuck like many other people around the world. But let us discuss the two most common reasons you are unable to take actions.

Fear of Failure

This is by far the most common reasons why you are unable to act on your plans. Fear of failure has plagued the most celebrated minds since eons.

Still, today, we struggle with this!

Whenever we come to a stage where we are required to take action, our mind starts thinking that what will happen if we fail, and most of us cannot fight back!

People with great potential have wasted their lives living in fear of failure and never do what they were meant to. Just imagine how many Leonardo da Vinci the world would have if everyone could overcome this fear.

Social Anxiety

What’s worse than fear of failing? Fear of being JUDGED!

Social anxiety is real, and many people suffer from it. The people who are struggling with this issue are more concerned about how they would be perceived and judged by their family, friend, colleagues, society if they act on their plans!

Social anxiety has victimized a large part of the populace and make them feel inadequate, inferior or just “not good enough.”

Social anxiety is among the top mental disorders, affecting millions of people around the world.

It makes you incapable of acting out on your plans, and it can be a lifelong issue, taking away your chance to greatness!

How to overcome the incapability to act?

No matter how worse the issue is, there are always ways to overcome it. If you are determined enough, your mind can help you overcome hurdles that one seemed impossible!


The first step to overcome any problem is accepting that you have an issue.

Once you have accepted that you have an issue, the next step is to admit that you are unique and not perfect.

Accept that you are going to make your fair share of mistakes. Mistakes are the best teacher in the world, if you learn from your mistakes, you can start being great.

Next, accept that to be great you don’t need to be extraordinary. You just need to be consistent, and you will be better than most of the people.

See, the thing is, even the extraordinary people if not consistent can be a failure!

Create mind maps for your plans

It helps to lay out your plans on a piece of paper and one of the most effective ways to do it by creating mind maps.

I have discussed before how mind maps help you to organize your thoughts and get better mental clarity.

Once you have a bird’s eye view of your organized thoughts, you can be better equipped to move on to the next step.

Start right away

The best way to ensure that you get things done is just starting right away.

If you wait for the right moment, it will probably never come! When you say you are waiting for the right moment, you have an excuse to not start.

One thing that helps in starting right away is breaking the plan into smaller tasks and then prioritizing the smaller tasks.

Also, taking action on one task at a time without worrying about the plan as a whole helps you to overcome the fear of failure.

A plan can fail, but a task can either be pending or completed!

I hope you found the article interesting. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

Thank you for reading. Keep coming back for more. 🙂


  1. I enjoyed reading your article and happily give a thumbs up to every word of it. Since you asked for additional insights, I would like to suggest that people take care when sharing their well crafted plans with people who are being at critiquing the plans of others than they are at making plans themselves. I would also suggest that “action-heroes” not be afraid to tweak every once in a while as necessary. Sometimes adjusting a little here and there makes the plan better, and the action even more fruitful.

    My beloved Mother used to always say: “There are no new ideas, just old ideas with a twist.” So twist and shout all the way to the bank!

    • Thank you for sharing additional insights. I really appreciate and agree to the points you have mentioned.

      Sharing the plans with others makes us more conscious and we tend to think more deeply about it. And yes, tweaking your plans along the way has always been helpful for many.

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