Why You Shouldn’t Be Making New Year’s Resolutions

If you are tired of failing to achieve your resolutions year after year, it is time to try something different. I know exactly what will work because it worked for me.


The new year is just around the corner. It is the time of the year when you read and see people talking and making new year’s resolutions. From breaking bad habits to changing their lives, you will see everyone making different resolutions.

Some people will choose to be public about it and share their resolutions on social media. Why? Because someone told them that making their resolutions public will help them actually follow through.

While others might choose to be discreet. Whatever your choice is, chances are you are going to give up on your resolutions after a few months. Some might even give up after a few weeks.

Today, I am going to urge you to NOT make new year’s resolutions!

Why Resolutions Don’t Work?

Why Resolutions Don’t Work?

I am assuming that you have made resolutions in the past and have failed to stick to them, right? But we still keep making resolutions every year, only to fail again.

Making resolutions and failing to achieve them every year affects our self-esteem and confidence. We usually don’t experience the repercussions until later stages of our lives. Now, let’s understand why resolutions don’t work.

Most People Make Impulsive Resolutions

Making impulsive resolutions is one of the primary reasons why resolutions don’t work. As we come closer to the end of the year, we see all kinds of content on how the previous year sucked and how we will make the coming year great. People around us are always talking about how they are going to make changes in the following year. All of this turns on our natural instincts to follow the herd. We end up making impulsive resolutions only to fail later.

I have seen this vicious cycle repeat year after year, and honestly, I am tired!

I am not going to ask you to make resolutions just because that is what people are expecting. I know that most of you will end up making impulsive resolutions only to regret and fail later. My honest advice to you is that don’t make resolutions just because you are supposed to!

Resolutions Are Usually Vague

Yet another reason why your new year’s resolution won’t work is that chances are it’s going to be vague. Yes, most times people end up making vague resolutions because they are making them impulsively and they don’t have enough time to actually analyze and pinpoint their focus to specific goals.

For instance, making a resolution that you won’t smoke cigarettes will not help you quit! It is a habit, and you need to understand it and be more specific if you want to get rid of the addiction!

“I Will” Vs. “I Won’t”

The words we use while describing our resolutions makes a massive difference in how it will be interpreted by our brain. Most times people make their decisions saying “I Won’t.” For example, I won’t eat junk food. Making resolutions that focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want, will make a huge difference.

Just by shifting your attention to what you want to achieve rather than what you want to get rid of will increase your chances to achieve your goals.

Resolutions Have No Solid Timeline

How many of you make a resolution and actually specify the time you will take to achieve them? Chances are, very few of you have actual deadlines for your resolutions. We always say that this coming year we would accomplish something, but “when” in this following year is what we fail to specify.

How can you expect to accomplish your resolutions if you don’t create a deadline for them? Think about it, if we didn’t have deadlines for all the assignments and projects we have completed in the past, we would have procrastinated and never finished them!

So, if you shouldn’t be making resolutions, does that mean that you shouldn’t expect to work on things you want to improve at all?

No, I never said that!

Yes, I don’t want you to make resolutions, but I do want you to COMMIT to a specific GOAL, I will explain why.

Why You Should Commit To A Specific Goal Instead

Why You Should Commit To A Specific Goal Instead

If you are tired of failing to achieve your resolutions year after year, it is time to try something different. I know exactly what will work because it worked for me. You wouldn’t be reading this if it didn’t work for me because I would have never created this blog!

Let’s see why you should be committing to a specific goal instead.

Creating Specific Goal Increases Your Chances Of Success

Let’s take the example of giving up smoking. When you make a resolution that you want to give up smoking, all you are doing is targeting the surface of the problem!

Smoking is a habit and to break a habit, you need to understand why and how this habit works. Understanding the triggers and then making goals to target the triggers that lead you to smoke and eliminating them will increase your chances to break the habit of smoking. If the trigger is something you cannot remove, you can try replacing the action of smoking with another habit.

This is just one example, if you want to achieve anything, analyze what you want and be very specific while creating your goals to increase your chances of accomplishing them.

Don’t Have Goals Without Deadlines

If you have a big project that you want to start and work on in the coming year, breaking down the projects into specific tasks and associating a deadline with them will help you make progress. If you don’t have deadlines, you are going to procrastinate and fail at achieving your goals.

Make your goals time-bound and commit to complete them in the timeframe you decided. One suggestion, have deadlines that are justifiable. Take time to figure out how much time it would take you to achieve the goals and then create deadlines.

You Only Commit If You Really Want To Achieve Your Goals

I always wanted to start a blog to share my personal experiences and knowledge, but I was hesitant. It was not like I didn’t know how to write, I have been writing for years now, and mostly I used pen names to publish my work. My insecurities held me back and it took me a long time to become comfortable with the idea of associating my name with my work and share my personal experiences.

When I committed to the goal of starting my personal blog, I really wanted to do it, I was ready to make a commitment.

You only commit when you really want to achieve something; otherwise, you are going to vague resolutions that don’t work!

Commitment Requires Hard Work

One of the reasons why people don’t commit to specific goals is because it has a deadline associated with it and they know deep down that it requires hard work. It is also the reason why most people make resolutions. Resolutions are lies in their comfort zone, they are just words that mean nothing. Their only job is to make us feel good about ourselves.

When people make commitments to goals with deadlines, they are prepared to some extent to put in the hard work required. That’s all you need, if you are even slightly prepared to do the hard work required, you will probably achieve your goals. When you see the progress that you make every day, every week and every month, you will be more motivated to put in the efforts and follow through.

So, this new year, make commitments to specific goals with deadlines rather than making impulsive and vague resolutions. Thank you for reading and wish you a very happy and a prosperous new year. May you have all the strength you need to overcome your procrastination and work towards making your life better.

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